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Dynamic Label You can easily change Up Ring color, Inner Ring color and Changeable text


  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based, responsive and fully resizable
  • Up Ring color, Inner Ring color and text
  • HTML,CSS and JS file.
  • You can easily use embed or HTML code

Add the dynamic Gear indicator anywhere on your website

You can use an embed code and place it anywhere on your website! HTML5 compatible!

Partially Responsive

If no width is specified it will load with the maximum width available in the container div. For example, it will load and adapt with different sizes for phones/ipads/laptops. However, after loaded, it will not change size if you resize the window.

Cross device and browser compatible

The car diagram is built-in SVG, no flash is used and therefore they will display in Mac products.


Beginner level HTML – CSS and JavaScript

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